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We specialize in B&W hitches.

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Welcome to Quality Truck Outfitters
Quality Truck Outfitters is here to take the stress out of outfitting your fleet or a single truck. This site gives you access to thousands of parts that are specific to your vehicle. We can not only supply the needed part at competitive prices but can install it as well. Our trained mechanics are familiar with outfitting anything from your company’s heavy equipment to your family car.

If you’re in the central Texas area, please give Jared or Leslie a call at 254.829.0001. He can help you find your part or will get it under way if you already know the part number and manufacturer you’re looking for.

Need a gooseneck hitch? We specialize in B&W hitches and offer a craftsman’s touch in installing their Turn-Over Ball.

B and W Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch
Air Lift Company
Frontier Gear

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